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United Property Solutions is a leading General Contractor based out of Central New Jersey specializing in Home Improvement, Remodeling & Renovation, and REO Contractor Services.

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Real Estate Solutions

United Property Solutions is the premier General Contractor for your REO property investments. We have been improving communities while providing quality cost-effective construction services to the default loan industry. Our highly trained staff can handle all aspects of the renovation and disposition process.



We offer a complete property rehabilitation and we bring respect, integrity, and impeccable quality into every part of our creative process.

Repair, Remodel & renovate your property while making it comfortable and habitable for tenants.

Overseeing of residential, commercial and/or industrial real estate, including apartments, detached houses, condominium units, and shopping centers.

We provide practical thinking and cost-effective structural designs to support your all your needs.

We provide all services that determine the existence of underground storage tanks at a given property

Business Process Outsourcing- Contracting a third party service provider to handle your business operations.

We resolve home violations and expedite process for correction work.

Marketing and listing of property through MLS program.

Making the Best First Impression; Our experienced team will make sure that your house shines!

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Our team of experts will provide a strategic scope of work based upon our client’s specific plan for the property.  This includes a detailed comprehensive bid for repair with supporting photos.  Upon approval we will execute and complete the agreed upon work.  We use propitiatory software which allows real time communication throughout all stages of the project.  We utilize in house quality control personnel both during and upon completion of the project to ensure high quality work as well as timely completion.