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With our extensive experience, United Property Solutions is the clear choice for Foreclosures and REO Rehab projects. We place our emphasis on customer service, quality, and professional project management to ensure we exceed clients’ expectations. We cater to real estate agents, investors, lenders, asset managers, insurance companies and all other relevant parties to make the process smooth and efficient.

United Property Solutions helps ensure your properties are in the proper condition to list and sell quickly. We make property rehabilitation, restoration, tenant turns, repairs and maintenance simple and worry-free for our clients. Our ultimate goal is to save you time, money and resources, while providing high quality work. We offer a wide range of REO Contractor services that can be utilized individually or integrated as a full solution depending on your unique needs. United Property Solutions understands the markets, the regulations, and the stipulations that come with REO market. We are a home rehabilitation / renovation partner that you can trust to get the job done right.

  • Property Rehabilitation
  • Property Demolition
  • Property Renovation

If you own a home or property that is in foreclosure and needs to sell fast, you can relax with our team of REO Specialists on the job. Whether you’re in need of a simple repair or a full renovation project, we’ll help get your property ready to sell. We serve the REO market throughout Central New Jersey.

REO Contractors, Foreclosure Renovation Remodel - Central New Jersey